• Detailed design of Douglas WTP Emergency Lagoon dewatering pump (TRILITY, 2015);
  • Detailed design for the relocation of existing services including a major DN375 Rising Main along West Point Road, Magnetic Island to accommodate¬†the development of¬†a major intersection and road upgrading project for the proposed Waste Transfer Station project;
  • Detailed design of new 2ML/d water supply connection to the Jardine River Pipeline, to suit connection of existing emergency pump, Bamaga, Northern Peninsula Area (TRILITY, 2015);
  • Detailed Design of Thickener Feed Polymer Dosing Skid, Douglas WTP (January 2016);
  • Detailed design for the upgrading of the Jardine River Intake and Pump Station pipework (TRILITY, June 2016);
  • Upgrading of Fire Water Service to QAL’s Townsville Airport including detailed design of various water mains, fire water tanks and fire pumps for Northern Consulting Engineers and QAL (December 2016);
  • Detailed design of Trunk Water Main Service Relocation works as part of the Sydney Light Rail Preliminary works contract, Acciona and UDEC (December 2016);
  • St Benedict’s Catholic School Sewer Rising Main Connection to TCCs 300dia Sewer Rising Main Dalrymple Road, Townsville for LCJ Engineers and Catcholic Education (January 2017).